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August 4, 2015 from 12-2pm E.S.T.
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Responsive Web Design: Enhancing the User's Mobile Experience (MWD302)

Mobile devices come in all different shapes and sizes causing unique challenges for website design. Your customers not only expect that your site looks impressive but it must also be easy to navigate and work well on their mobile device.

In a world where technology is constantly advancing, how do you choose the right tools and techniques to produce websites that are mobile friendly? The answer is very simple - Responsive Web Design or RWD. With RWD, you can build highly scalable, robust and flexible websites that adapt to any screen size. Through the use of media queries, a CSS3 property allows a device's browser to examine the screen size of that device and then serve a set of CSS styles to adapt to the device and respond to the users' needs.

Live expert-led sessions:

First Live Session: Tuesday, August 4th from 12-2pm E.S.T.

Course Benefits

With this course, you will gain a solid understanding of the elements of Responsive Web Design and how to apply them in your next project. At the end of this course, you will walk away with a fully functional website you will build during the course of this training. You will be able to immediately apply the techniques learned in this course to your next or existing project. During this training, you will:

  • Participate in an environment of peer-to-peer engagement and live instruction
  • Explore the latest tools and technologies for Responsive Web Design
  • Apply and reinforce what you learn through hands-on lab exercises
  • Grow your business & boost revenue through convenient site access for customers

Program Highlights

Session One - August 4th


  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design
  • What Responsive Web Design is & what it's not
  • Elements of Responsive Web Design
  • Demo of various Responsive Websites (this will show design patterns, navigation techniques and more)


  • Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3
  • Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation


  • Pixels vs. EMs
  • Problems with EMs
  • EMs vs REMs
  • Converting Pixels to EMs

Grid Systems

  • What are grids and how they apply to web design
  • Fixed vs Fluid vs. Responsive grids
  • Manipulating grids in web design (rows, columns, offsets, source order, etc)

Media Queries

  • What are they?
  • What role do they play in responsive design?
  • Working with Breakpoints

Session Two - August 11th

Mobile First

  • Content First
  • What is it?
  • What role IT plays in responsive design?
  • Why is it important?
  • Prioritizing your most important content

Planning for a responsive website

  • Reset or normalize?
  • Viewport meta tag
  • Browser and device support
  • Navigation
  • Resizable Images/Media
  • CSS3


  • Sketching and/or Wireframing
  • Content decisions
  • Source Ordering
  • Hands-on


  • The concept
  • Options
  • Issues to consider
  • Fixes and Hacks

Session Three - August 18th


  • Browser test
  • Simulator test
  • Device test

Addressing Issues

  • Internet Explorer and HTML5 elements
  • Internet Explorer and Media Queries
  • Proactively implementing fallbacks

What's next?

  • Versioning control
  • Putting your site up on github
  • Accessing your website on the web
  • Additional resources (review relevant resources and information)

Our Expert

Mario is a Senior Front-End Developer for Mediacurrent, a Drupal development company based out of Georgia. Mario worked as the lead designer and Drupal themer for the federal government where he was a pioneer of Responsive Web Design. He has vast experience in CSS, Sass, rapid wireframing and prototyping, Responsive Web Design, Drupal theming and site building.

  • Mario is a volunteer instructor and mentor for Teens eXploring Technology (TxT), a non-profit organization in South Los Angeles teaching inner city teens about technology and entrepreneurship. He was project lead, themer and developer for TxT's new website which was built on Drupal.
  • As a public speaker, Mario conducts private and community-driven workshops and webinars where he continues to express his passion for design and Drupal. When he's not designing or conducting training, you can find him tweeting about Drupal, CSS, HTML, RWD and more.

You can follow Mario on:

Twitter: @designsdrive


Who Will Benefit

Students should have a full understanding of web browser and HTML editor. Students should also have a basic understanding of computer terminologies (Internet, Code, Tags, Markup, Syntax, etc.) and of HTML and CSS.

Course Pricing

$595.00 includes: live lectures, access to course exercises, online discussion, and interactive feedback from an industry-expert. Plus, with this course, you will earn credit towards a certification. By completing just four courses, you will earn your Mobile Web Design Certification.

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First Live Session: August 4, 2015 from 12-2pm E.S.T

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